The competition

To win this trophy you have to

roll huge hay bales around the Richardplatz and the smithy..

But speed alone will not be enough - to win you will also need:

- the fanciest costumes,
- fairness & team spirit
and last but not least
- some knowledge of the history of Rixdorf.

The winners get the competition trophy from last years winners. Besides the main trophy many more prizes await in other categories.


Basic Rules

Hay may sound lightweight, but compressed in a huge bale it is quite the challenge. To prevent injury, everyone has to follow these basic rules:


Please be thoughtful and listen to the commands of the game master and the jury.


To prevent injury, please use gloves. Other means are not allowed.


The great feast for the Teams, Helpers, Jury and Artists is one of the main pieces of our festival.

Every team is composed of 4 "rollers". Two teams compete with each other directly in every race. Who challenges who gets alloted at the beginning of the festival.

The Jury gives points for
- Speed
- Costumes
- Fairness.

The Rules

Popráci – "Rixdorfer Strohballenrollen"
A Festival with Challenges

  • 1 The hay bale rolling

The competition is composed of the preliminary and the main round. The hay bale can only be moved by body power and without outside aid. Starting places will be alloted. The competition is based on a point system. The finals are composed of the 6 best teams of the preliminary rounds.

  • 2 The referee

Please listen to the commands of the referee.
You will be disqualified for lack of sportsmanship. Protests have to be reported immediatly after the round.

  • 3 The Teams

Always two Teams will compete with each other in every round. Every Team gets 10 minutes to prepare for the start. A free training session is possible between 13:00 and 14:30 oClock.

  • 4 Team composition

Every team is composed of 4 active members. It is advised to have two spare members.

  • 5 Rolling back

The hay bale has to be rolled back to the start after the race by each team for the next team.

  • 6 Barrier

Touching of the Barriers by the hay bale leads to a deduction of points.

  • 7 The Winner

The "Strohballenrollenmeister" will be the team with the most points. A maximum of 35 points can be given in each category.

  • 7a the Costume

The teams compete against each other in costumes. The jury gives points for originality and more.

  • 7b The Finish line

The last 20 meters can give extra points for elegance and responsive audience.

  • 7c Fairness

Extra points will be given for fairness and sportsmanship.

  • 7d The Finals

The best Teams of the preliminary rounds compete against each other in the Finals.

  • 7e Knowledge

The 3 best Teams compete against each other in knowledge of Rixdorf. Two points will be given for every correct answer.

  • 7f Points

Points from the preliminary round will be taken to the Finals.

  • 8 Around the Rolling

Food and Drink will be available at the time of the competition. There will be music from bands. Please support every team from the audience!

  • 9 Prizes

Besides the Prizes for the first, second and third place there will be prizes in the categories "originality, speed and unhurried".

  • 10 Last words

The competition should be fun for every team, member and the audience.